Rachel supported her four children with a clothing store that began failing. She sold her home to put capital into the business to continue providing for her family, but that only delayed the inevitable bankruptcy filing, owing to the poor sales and significant debt.

Rachel’s 85-year-old mother took in the family, while Rachel worked three cleaning jobs from 6 am – 11 pm to feed her family, help with her sickly mother’s rent, and pay down some of the obligations remaining from the bankruptcy. Barely keeping things together, Rachel’s teeth were fractured while she was victimized in a violent crime, bringing her discomfort, shame and an unwillingness to be in public.

Without dental insurance and no way to pay the 30,000 NIS cost of repairing and replacing her teeth, she turned in tears to The Eckstein Fund. Rachel was connected to the dental clinic at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, and funds were found to cover the reduced fees of 4,000 NIS.

With a positive self-image, Rachel went back to work and dealt with her bankruptcy debt and started to regain her life. She credits The Eckstein Project with giving her the hope and confidence to take control of her life and support her family.